Warren Sapp, NFL Network arrested for solicitation will he be the next Greg Anthony?

These type of occurrences baffle me beyond recognition. Black professional athletes turned commentators risking it all for what? Prostitutes? Really? Tricks?

politics from the eyes of an ebony mom

Last month CBS Greg Anthony was suspended from his CBS and TNT gigs for trying to pick up a prostitute. Today Warren Sapp of the NFL Network was arrested for trying to solicit a prostitute. I wonder if he will receive a similar punishment? We all have a freewill, but sometimes our choices can change the trajectory of your life.

UPDATE: NFL network has terminated Warren Sapp.


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Who Am I?

That’s a good question but the truth of the matter is I don’t know? I mean I know my name but do I really? Ok I know my race but do I really? Ok I know where I came from but do I really? Ok I realize That’s a good question. Who Am I? I really just don’t know???

“Hello cruel world”

Where do I begin? The times of sweeping things under the carpet and acting as if they don’t exist are over. Standing by as disturbing situations are blatantly displayed before our eyes must stop. The moral future of our children are at stake because in all reality they are the future. But, it all starts with us and what we do as adults and parents to provide the foundation and structure needed for our children to succeed and excel. You never know the life someone is living? Or the horror that people have seen or have been subjected too? I know from experience that you can never tell what a persons has been through. So it’s our duty to teach the youth and prepare them for the cruel world we live in before it’s to late…..You see my father committed suicide and my mother was murdered. “Hello cruel world” I was eight years old at the time so my upbringing was a bit different from most kids. My guardian was my great-aunt Izora affectionally known as Auntie.. She was a southern raised old school church going black widower. All of my cousins were her children so to speak. That black female matriarch we all know or have known. From their depiction in movies to church pews all across America. No children of her own but still the mother to us all. So
If we forgot from time to time she would immediately remind us. As old school southern women do by wiping our natural born behinds or in her case pinching. You see my aunt took the pinching game to whole new level altogether. Auntie didn’t chase anybody around she know we all ran from whippings and we were all fast. So to avoid the cat and mouse drama she devised her own method. She would sit down in a chair and cross her ankles then she ordered the culprit to assume the position. We had to get on our knees and place our heads between her legs then she would clamp our heads with her calves and begin the assault. Whatever part of your body she grabbed would be painfully twisted all the while using her nails like shears. The pain was excruciating and the tell tale bruises were reminders of the ordeal. Nowadays that would be considered child abuse but back then it was a natural everyday occurrence. If you didn’t listen and did wrong you got whipped plain and simple. After my mother passed away and my Aunt became my guardian my life changed drastically. “Hello cruel world”. My family
had become divided after my mothers passing. I’m sure you’ve experienced or know someone who has experienced this calamity. The
devil chooses this time to run amuck because emotions are raging. There is a Pandora’s box of feeling waiting to be released. Old wounds are opened like festering sores family alliances begin to form. Long lasting rivalries and cancerous hate that has been kept at bay right under the surface is unleashed. In other words all hell breaks out and no one is safe and nothing is off limits. Happy New Year Cruel World and may God Bless You all

Just Believe

The Nike Corporation has a very unique slogan that’s known worldwide. “Nike Just Do It”. Hopefully my slogan will garner the same attention? “Just Believe”. We all have an opportunity to be blessed by the people were connected to. Certain people are positioned in places of power and authority. Being associated with individuals who are truly anointed doesn’t happen by mistake. Who you are connected to makes a difference in where your going. Those who have the ability to take you to a higher realm aren’t easily attainable. Belief in the word and faith in what you believe in will give you access to everything and everybody you need. Today was a day of reassurance for me and I was actually able to pinpoint my blessing. To know your confronted with a particular situation that needs to be rectified immediately. Realizing that there really isn’t a need to rush because it’s already taken care of. Not knowing how it will be dealt with but believing that it will be just that. Dealt with and done so because he said it would be!!!! That is why I say “Just Believe”.

Beware Blessing Blockers

Haters come a dime a dozen and there everywhere imaginable. They don’t realize it but there an important part of humanity. The give us much needed desires to be all we can possibly be.. They provide motivation, inspiration and a willingness to overcome all obstacles. Since a hater is just that a hater there overall impact is null and void. It amounts to nothing more than a desire to be like the object of their hate…. A blessing blocker on the other hand has a totally different agenda altogether. They have a particular assignment which is to extinguish your light and stop your shine. You see blessing blockers hate differently because the hate is only the beginning. They want to block your favor from flowing unbeknownst to you. Haters hate openly but blessing blockers hide in the cracks and crevices to avoid detection. Their consumed with denying all your blessings from coming to fruition. They find solace in knowing that your sick, hurting, depressed and down and out. If an opportunity arises for them to cause calamity in your life they’ll take full advantage of it. Then they’ll send their condolences and prayers all the while praying for your downfall.
The worst part of all is that blessing blockers are usually the ones you least expect. Family, friends, neighbors, parishioners and your Boo. ……. So please beware the blessing blockers and let’s stop them in their tracks. By keeping the faith reading the word and believing we can defeat the blessing blockers. FFT (food for thought)

Don’t Sacrifice your Salvation

You have to be mindful of the trying times we live in. Our minds are being polluted with the deplorable propaganda of modern times. Brainwashed by the images and individuals that are paraded before us on this stage we call “Life”. Experience teaches us through trial and error, we live and we learn. Hopefully…… There has to come a time when things will eventually come full circle. When your life is about to take a turn for better or for worse. Which direction will you choose to go in? That’s the question we all must answer eventually at some point in time. All of us. These are those alone times those times when no one is around at all but God. These are prime opportunities to make a distinct deposit toward your salvation….. Don’t take these times for granted because these deposits will add up. Whether there good deposits or bad they will add up nonetheless. They will be the archives from which you will be judged. The mitigating factors in determining your quest for salvation. So don’t take chances or jeopardize your opportunity. Do right by other people regardless of the situation. Even if it means limiting your own chances so someone else can be blessed. Remember it’s all being deposited for an enormous withdrawal…. Align yourself with the right kinds of
people and beware of counterfeits. Your salvation is worth way to much to sacrifice or gamble with. Now please believe we all have our own ideas of what salvation means to us. We can also see the forest for the trees and read between the lines……………FFT (food for thought)

Mentally Captive

What are the obscure aspects of my mental captivity? What forms of mental confinement am I being confronted with? Am I really locked in a mental penitentiary void of any contact with freedom? Who is to blame for this mental enslavement? There are no oppressors or prosecutors to confront. Only me, myself and I for allowing my mind to be captured in the first place. FFT
(food for thought)